Comprehensive Sign and Awning Installation and Repair Services

Retractable awning and retractable awning repair In Staten Island is our specialty. Residential & commercial awning refabrication (recloth), basic awning and custom awning installation in Staten Island. Our custom signs, banners, awnings and merchandise ensure that your home or business doesn’t go unnoticed.

Get a step ahead of the competition with Edge Signs & Awnings. Edge Signs & Awnings is locally based Sign & Awning Shop in Staten Island. Edge Signs & Awnings offers a variety of signage, promotional products and services that will help your business or home stand out. Whether you need retractable awning, awning repair, signs, sign repair, banners or just neon repair, we can provide the "Edge" you need.

There is no fancy showroom and we are not located in an expensive location; our staff come to you. For creativity, innovation and designs that are sure to be attention catching, Edge Signs & Awnings is the best choice.

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What We Offer

Our team handles various types of signs, awnings, and banners for commercial and residential applications. We also work on both new and old materials. Rely on us for the following services:

  • Cleaning
  • Fabrication and Refabrication
  • Installation
  • Rebuilding
  • Refurbishing
  • Repair
  • Replacement

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Addressing Your Needs

Our solutions are perfect for long-term or short-term usage. You can even use them for specific events such as church fairs, sports meets, or fraternity get-togethers. To make sure your installations are truly unique, we offer various shapes, designs, and materials. Count on us for the following:

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  • Aluminum Awning
  • Clear Awning
  • Cloth Awning
  • Custom Awning
  • Door Awning
  • Glass Awning
  • Glass Polycarbonate Awning
  • Patio Awning
  • Retractable Awning
  • Roll-Out Awning

Signs and Banners

  • A-Frame Signs
  • Back-Lit Signages
  • Channel Letters
  • Display Signs
  • Full-Color Signs
  • LED Signboards
  • Menu Boards
  • Metal Signs
  • Neon Signs
  • Outdoor Signs and Graphics
  • Sign Light Box
  • Window Graphics

Commitment to Excellence

If you need eye-catching signage for your store or a retractable awning or any type of awning in Staten Island to enhance your home Edge Signs & Awnings is your local shop serving New York City, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.


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Attract More Customers

Signage for your commercial property and eye-catching signages for your store or business premises can help pull in customers. The message in these signboards needs to be crisp and the colors should be pleasing to the eye.

To achieve that, we can print the letters on vinyl or transparent and translucent plastic or formed from lighted neon.

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Enhance Your Home

A well-designed retractable or fixed awning greatly increases your home’s functionality and architectural appeal. Though these installations’ primary purpose is to protect parts of the property from direct weather exposure, they can also form patios or sit-out spaces around the lawn or the pool.

The retractable awning can be supported to the exterior wall over a window or doorway, and it can be fitted with support columns to form a canopy. At our company, we craft these products using canvas, polyester, acrylic fiber, or vinyl stretched over a fabric base. We can also print names and signages on these installations.

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Service Areas

We provide our services to various areas in New York and New Jersey. These include Brooklyn, New York City, Queens, and Staten Island.

Reach Out

Edge Signs & Awnings is open throughout the week, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. For any inquiries, get in touch with us today. You may also call us at (718) 447-1949 for a free estimate.


Open 7-Days a Week
7:00 AM – 7:00 PM